Carrie D. Wilson, CFP ®, CDFA™
Divorce Financial Help:  Guiding Your Decisions Before, During and After Divorce

Divorce is a complicated process during which permanent decisions can be clouded with personal stress and emotion.  I provide divorce financial planning services for those contemplating, experiencing or transitioning through this challenging experience.  By facilitating decisions based on comprehensive financial evidence and long range illustrations, I help clients move toward equitable and sustainable settlement options with a clearer understanding of the issues.

I approach divorce as a problem to be solved utilizing the combined efforts of a professional legal and financial team.  My mission is to make your divorce process as focused and efficient as possible.

By identifying the short and long term implications of settlement options, I help couples or individuals address the financial aspects of divorce.  I can also work with your attorney or mediator to provide the expertise and support needed to facilitate your decision making process.  My efforts on your behalf can save you time and expense by organizing your financial information, clarifying your options and providing valuable insight for making sound decisions for your future.

Flexible scheduling that works with your lifestyle is available.  This allows you to obtain the vital assistance you need without interrupting your responsibilities at work, home or elsewhere.

I understand the financial and emotional costs of divorce can become overwhelming and excessive – because I personally experienced my own divorce.  My experience has given me personal insight into the anxiety and stress that can be brought on by the financial uncertainty of divorce.  While every situation and divorce is different and each client has a unique set of needs and goals, I will provide you with honest advice and clear recommendations to help clarify your decisions for your financial future.