Dallas Divorce Support Group Resources – Know Where To Go

Recently, I was invited to speak briefly for a divorce support group at a local church.  This group follows a 13 week set of discussion topics and one of the weeks is devoted to financial survival.  My contribution to this particular week’s group included an introduction to the services provided by a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  Because most of us do not become experts on divorce until we are forced to, most people faced with a divorce are not aware of all of the resources available to them.  Assistance can come in various forms and finding the most appropriate resource for you can be crucial.

Many people are aware of the existence of support groups.  Support groups offer an array of benefits in lots of different formats and locations for those interested in attending.  Some support groups such as the one I presented for offer insight and guidance in public, large group settings and cover lots of different issues associated with divorce.  Examples of topics include issues with children, dealing with anger and loneliness, financial survival and moving into new relationships.  The format can follow a set curriculum based on religious beliefs and principles such as the group I met with.  Other support groups base their format on professional counseling and therapy principles in a secular setting.  Choosing to participate in a support group is an individual decision and if this is something of interest, there is most likely a group of some type meeting close to you.

Some of us prefer meeting individually with a therapist, professional counselor or minister.  Similar to selecting the best family law attorney to work with, choosing someone to counsel you individually is a personal choice.  Friends and family can offer suggestions; the minister of my church and my attorney both provided names of therapists I could consider.  Others who have experienced a counselor’s help during divorce can also be a good resource for possible contacts.

Additional resources to consider utilizing as you transition through divorce include a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.  Experienced in the complexities of the divorce process, a CDFA™ can help you work your way through all of the steps needed to complete the divorce property division.  As you begin to consider your needs as an individual, there will many moving parts that at times can be overwhelming: numerous account titling changes and transfers, refinancing considerations, benefit replacements including health and life insurance, estate planning document changes, reestablishing a budget, etc.  Having a professional who can guide you through all of the steps post-divorce can save you money and reduce your anxiety.

Most people will tell you that separation and divorce are the most painful and stressful experiences they’ve ever faced.  Many times, you face the emotions and life changing decisions alone, isolated from friends and family by the circumstances.  Finding support resources whether in groups or with individual professionals can help ease the transition anxiety and lay the groundwork for moving forward in your life.  Additionally, seeking out the services of a professional Certified Divorce Financial Analyst like me to inform and guide your financial decisions during divorce can help reduce the anxiety and fear of making these permanent and far-reaching decisions alone.

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