Know Someone Currently Going Through Divorce?

If you or someone you know is currently going through the divorce problem, then you realize that people can become frantic and confused quite easily.  Here are some of the common things a CDFA notices about his/her clients:

  • They feel overwhelmed about everything which needs to get done
  • They are worried about getting everything done correctly
  • When it comes to finances, they easily get confused about financial and legal language
  • The language used in legal paperwork gets confusing
  • They have significant concerns about making right decisions, and they are especially concerned about making the right decisions for their kids

If you can relate to some of the points listed above then please contact me and get together for a meeting.  The reasons why include:

  • Helping you learn a process where things can be taken care of one step at a time
  • Giving you confidence that you are doing things correctly and in the right order
  • Removing confusion about financial and legal wording so that they are easy to understand
  • Giving you reassurance that you are making decisions based on information and understanding, and not based on fear or other negative emotions

I look forward to helping you