Attorney Services

Carrie D. Wilson, CFP ®, CDFA™
Divorce Financial Help:  Guiding Your Decisions Before, During and After Divorce

Utilizing my services and expertise allows family law attorneys to focus on the legal issues of the case and feel confident the appropriate financial information is gathered and reviewed.  I work with the client and their attorney’s office in support of their unique case needs, offering invaluable assistance for quantifying, clarifying and indentifying the client’s financial situation.  I organize the financial documentation and present the material in a clear and concise manner.  My extensive experience with corporate executive benefits such as stock options, large stock positions, deferred compensation, etc. enhances the attorney’s knowledge on these complicated issues.  I am also available as support for litigated cases requiring court appearance.

For Attorneys, I can be an invaluable support for each case by helping the client make financial sense of settlement proposals.  Using family law specific software and professional financial planning experience, I can provide the tools needed to increase awareness of possible negotiation issues and enhance the attorney’s competitive advantage.  The benefits you will get by teaming with me include:

  • Increased Leverage of  Attorney Focus and Time for Legal Issues
  • Enhanced  Discovery Process and Inventory of Financial Assets
  • Increased Knowledge of Tax Aspects and Settlement Consequences
  • Expanded Knowledge  of Corporate/Employee Benefit Plans including stock options and concentrated stock positions
  • Expanded Utilization of Visual Aids for Settlement Scenario Projections
  • Utilization of Family Law Specific Software for Understanding of Financial Future with Long Term Projections
  • Vital Assistance with Pension Valuations and Lump Sum Settlement Calculations
  • Professional Client Resource for Reviewing and Understanding Financial Information
  • Assistance with Review and Drafting of QDROs
  • Comprehensive Guidance for Client during the Post Divorce Transition


Sample report using Family Law Software: